About Us

“Positive Politics” is a digital platform in the space of pure political news and focused in delivering news and opinions only in a positive way.

We do two things 1) Cover only Political News 2) We are always Positive

In a world where everything is News, we only want to focus on Political News and give our readers a single destination to get all the news happening in politics and political circle including central government, state government, PSUs, parties in India etc. If you need to know anything about politics and governance, Positive Politics is the single destination for it.

In a world of finger pointing, false news, allegations and politics of mud-slinging, we focus only on constructive and collaborative ways of reaching out to people and giving positive political news in a way which helps bind people and move forward in building the country rather than being divisive.

Our aim is to showcase the great work being done by various governments, departments & PSUs across the country and bring out the hard/smart work to the people of this country so that people can associate in building our nation
We think that only way to move ahead is to have a constructive and collaborative dialogue and join hands to build the nation together rather than throwing bricks against each other or against anyone who is atleast trying to do things
We are completely in Hindi as we believe in reaching the masses in their own native language which has led to us reaching ten lakh people daily through our website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page which is followed by more than five lakh people.

We are only an ad supported organisation and not affiliated to any political party nor take any donation from any political outfit.